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The sunsets in Formentera are, without a doubt, among the most impressive in the world. Thanks to its flat topography, the sunset unfolds majestically from practically any corner of the island. In these magical moments, nature gives a show that lasts in memory.

 Formentera has a unique magic, acknowledged by those who have had the privilege of experiencing it. To make you fall even more in love with this Mediterranean gem, we present a list of the best places to enjoy unforgettable sunsets. Each site has been carefully selected to offer unique experiences: in the company of family, with friends or in a romantic atmosphere. What are you waiting for to immerse yourself in this natural wonder?

Sunsets with rhythm in Mitgorm
Migjorn is one of Formentera's most iconic beaches, appreciated by locals and visitors alike. It is not only the longest beach on the island, but also the wildest and most natural. Watching the sunset from this corner will leave you breathless.

 On the island, the tradition of relaxing on the beach at the end of the day is almost sacred, and this moment becomes even more special at the beach bars in the area. The music, the energy of the workers, the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of freedom that permeate the place make you end your day in the best possible way. Imagine: you and your companions enjoying your favorite drinks while the spectacle of the best sunset surrounds you.

 If you're looking for a more intimate feel, you can explore the small beach at the western end of Mitjorn, Caló des Mort. It requires a short walk to get to the sand, but once you get there, you will feel like you are in paradise. This beach is ideal for the last dip at sunset, completing an unforgettable experience.


Embark on nightfalls that make you fall in love in Cap de Barbaria
Cap de Barbaria, the southernmost point of the Balearic Islands, offers one of the most impressive sunsets in Formentera. This place, close to the African coast, stands out for its famous lighthouse that stands majestically on 80-meter-high cliffs, immortalized in some movies.

 To get there, follow the road towards Cala Saona from Sant Francesc Xavier. The bike tour is an incredible experience, especially when approaching the lighthouse. Once there, sit on a rock and prepare to contemplate what many consider the best sunset in Formentera.

 Remember that access to the Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse has been limited since 2017 during the summer due to the large influx of visitors. From May to October you must park in the authorized parking lot and walk for 1.7 kilometers (approximately 25 minutes).

 When you reach this point, it is time to let yourself be carried away by romanticism. Among the sunsets in Formentera, this is ideal for surprising your partner or enjoying special moments together.

 One of the greatest charms of the Mediterranean island is the route that takes you to its two lighthouses, and the one at Es Cap de Barbaria is undoubtedly the most spectacular due to its location, its views of the cliffs and its impressive sunset.

 To make the visit even more attractive, immerse yourself inside the earth in Cova de Foradada, 50 meters from the lighthouse. It is a grotto that is accessed through a "hole" in the ground. This cave is one of many that exist in Formentera due to the composition of the terrain, turning the island into a real "cheese" with underground grottoes and galleries. Through it, you will reach an incredible balcony overlooking the sea. The cave is accessed by steep wooden stairs, and inside, the darkness and the rocks that must be avoided make it not recommended for people with reduced mobility.


A dream sunset in Cala Saona and Punta Rasa
If you are looking to enjoy a sunset in a more peaceful environment, Cala Saona is the perfect choice. You can see it from the beach itself, from the cozy kiosk located on the rocks or even from a kayak in the sea.

 In Cala Saona, the sunset lights mix harmoniously with the reddish tone of the cliffs that surround this beautiful beach, creating a spectacular picture. Although you can delight in the sunset from the beach itself, we recommend exploring the surrounding cliffs for an even more special experience.

 If you enjoy the beach with your family until the sun says goodbye each day, this place becomes the ideal spot to witness the sunset. Some maintain that it is the best sunset on the island, and even in the world. On this beach, you find a bar on the left, the Sol Cala Saona restaurant on the right, and the Hotel Cala Saona where they serve drinks and food with direct views of the sea. It is the perfect plan to spend a full day on the beach and culminate it with an excellent sunset.

 If you decide to explore beyond Cala Saona, you can reach Punta Rasa by walking from the beach itself (we recommend it) or by motorcycle or car, taking the detour on the road that leads to Cala Saona (before arriving) and driving approximately 1 kilometer on a dirt road. To get to this point, before reaching the Hotel Cala Saona, you must turn left along the Camino de Punta Rasa, which is only marked with a graffiti on a rock.

cala saona

The sunsets preferred by celebrities and Instagrammers are from Ses Illetes and Cavall d'en Borràs
From the most emblematic beach on the island, you can witness one of Formentera's most acclaimed sunsets, evidenced by the dozens of people who gather to enjoy this fabulous spectacle.

 The view at dusk from Cavall d'en Borràs beach is spectacular, with the islet of Es Vedrá almost in front of you. In addition, you will enjoy an idyllic scene with numerous ships on the horizon and you will be able to observe the maritime traffic between Formentera and Ibiza at dusk. You can enjoy the sunset from the beach itself or taste a mojito in one of the beach bars and restaurants in Cavall d'en Borràs. Located in the Ses Salines Natural Park, these places will become your favorites from the first visit, becoming true fashionable meeting points on the island.

 Among the most iconic places to sip a mojito are Beso Beach and Bar Tiburon, both known for their lively atmosphere. If you prefer, you can simply sit on the fine white sand of the beach and delight in this beautiful natural phenomenon.

 We find this place simply magical. Imagine: friends, cold mojitos, great food, vibrant music, a dream beach and a sunset that will leave you speechless.

A chic sunset in La Savina
La Savina is a town in the port of Formentera and, therefore, the obligatory stopover for visitors, being one of the busiest on the island. From this point, you will be able to glimpse the horizon and neighboring Ibiza, from where numerous ferries depart every day. With a fabulous marina and a seafront promenade that will allow you to contemplate one of the best sunsets in Formentera, with the mysterious Es Vedrá as a backdrop.

 La Savina is close to everything, especially the popular Ses Illetes and Levant beaches.

 Café del Lago is an excellent choice to enjoy the sunset while sipping a cocktail or eating pizza, all with views of the lake. This place is not very busy and is located in front of the Estany de Peix.

 Dining experience with sunset views at El Mirador de la Mola
As you head towards La Mola, at the highest point of the island, you will discover an extraordinary restaurant: El Mirador.

 From this fascinating viewpoint, you can appreciate the unique beauty of the island. It's the perfect time to take out your camera and marvel at the exceptional geography of this paradise. From here, you'll have a virtually complete view of Formentera, the port of La Savina and even Ibiza on clear days.

 This place is a paradise for lovers of landscapes, photography and, especially, sunsets, since witnessing the landscape dyed in orange and red tones is simply magical. The picture is worthy of a movie scene.

 In this wonderful restaurant, run by staff from the island, you can delight in exquisite Mediterranean food while contemplating one of the most beautiful sunsets in Formentera. We recommend that you call to reserve a table and request one next to the railing to ensure the best views while you enjoy your dinner.

 If you have time, you can walk up the Roman path of Sa Pujada, a hiking route that takes you directly into the setting sun, offering you panoramic views of the entire island from above.

 Without a doubt, the island has magical places that attract visitors from around the world every year. The sunsets in Formentera, with their unique charm, will make you fall in love even more with this paradisiacal corner. What are you expecting to enjoy them?

 la savina

Exclusive and hidden sunsets for a spectacular experience

Torre de Sa Gavina Sunset Adventure
If you are looking to enjoy the most intimate sunset, the Punta Gavina area is your ideal destination.

Although there are several ways to get to the Torre de Sa Gavina, we recommend doing it on foot, by motorbike or by bicycle. Make sure you have a flashlight or light with you for convenience.

The reason why few venture here is due to its difficult access; In any case, prepare your legs for walking, as there is no good path that leads directly to Punta Gavina. This involves parking the vehicle a considerable distance away and walking some distance.

If you are a lover of discovering unique places, go ahead and explore it!

Dusk picnic in Can Marroig
The Can Marroig area, a public estate of around 150 hectares located in the northwestern tip of Formentera, offers a special experience. Here you will find large farming areas, picnic areas, spaces dedicated to bird interpretation and a small ethnographic museum of Formentera.

 On the cliffs on the western side, where abandoned sandstone quarries abound, you can enjoy a quiet sunset away from the crowd, except for some locals who know this secret place.

 Although most sunset photographs in Formentera are taken during the summer, the most spectacular sunsets with stunning colors can be seen during the autumn months. Science backs up this claim:

. Lower humidity in the air provides greater visibility and a cleaner atmosphere.

. High-altitude clouds, which reflect sunlight better, are more common in cold atmospheres.

. Due to the Earth's tilt angle in autumn, the sun sets more diagonally compared to summer, prolonging twilight and making it more intense.

 Do you dare to discover Formentera in October? It will be an amazing experience for you.


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